Your Guide to Improving

We all value growth, learning, and improvement, it is part of why we became teachers. However, this process can be difficult, time consuming, and not always very practical. This led me to discover and develop a method for improving teaching that I want to share with you. Through this process, you can create practical, engaging lessons with less effort and time required.

We also offer resources in various areas that have been developed through this process:
Technology Integration
STEM Education
Action Teaching


In order to help you grow and develop your practice, we offer the following services:
To provide individual or group instruction and resources, we offer workshops and presentations both in person and virtually.
We create and disseminate teaching resources to help you improve your practice. These include a blog, podcast, and books.
We offer online courses to teach you how to implement the processes and tools we have developed as well as multi-day institutes for large groups.

Your Coach

Dr. Hollers
Dr. Hollers

Head Consultant

Founder of Hollers consulting, Dr. Hollers specializes in teacher development and technology integration.

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